Webinar recording: Preparing for the EU AI Act

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What is the webinar about?

The new EU AI Act is a complex and wide-reaching regulation, and there are still many open questions around its scope, requirements, and practical implications for businesses.

Research shows that some initial analyses and recommendations that are now being shared on this important emerging topic are either not fully informed, not actionable, or outright misleading.

To address this knowledge gap, this webinar is aimed to provide you with carefully curated guidance on the Act's scope, key provisions, their impact on organisations, and steps to ensure conformity.

The insights from this event will facilitate your planning and decision-making regarding the evolving situation around the development and deployment of AI systems in Europe.

Running time: 2 h


  • AI systems and models covered by and exempt from the EU AI Act
  • Ways to pivot an AI product towards a less demanding legal regime
  • Requirements and the timeline for preparation
  • Practical steps towards compliance
  • ISO and CEN/CENELEC standards and their relevance for conformity
  • Interplay with the Council of Europe's new Convention on AI
  • Tools you can use to automate your work and upskill
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Webinar recording: Preparing for the EU AI Act

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Webinar recording: Preparing for the EU AI Act

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